<ENGLISH・GEISHA>Japan’s geisha, guardians of an ancient culture(source AFP)

●Japan’s geisha, guardians of an ancient culture (source AFP)


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narration> Kyoto — the ancient imperial capital and the cradle of  Japanese tradition.   Central to that – the Geisha…famed around the world but little understood,even at home…

Kikumaru,Kyoto geisha : “Japanese people don’t really know the world of the Geisha , they don’t really know what our role is and the world we inhabit.”

Contrary to some belief Geisha are not prostitutes … they entertain but intimacy is forbidden.

Instead they learn traditional arts from the age of 15.

It then takes around five years to become a fully-fledged Geisha or  Geiko as they are known in Kyoto.

Kikumaru , Kyoto  geisha : “A geiko’s duty is to portray an image and perform traditional Japanese arts such as the shamisen,traditional dance,the Koto and the flute.”

But the value of a geisha is not only measured by her artistic talents.

Her primary role is “zamochi” or putting her guests at ease.

Often high-profile politicians or businessmen,they do not even know how much a night costs…util they receive an eye-watering monthly bill.

Sumi Asahara , author of books on geisha : “The client is at the centre of attention. The geisha must keep a good distance – anticipate her client’s desires whioe staying back and istening. Zamochi is a mastery of techniques to cresate the right atmosphere and forge a bond of trust with the client.”

Today hthere are around 500 active geishas.The silent guardians of an ancient culture–offering a window into a largely bygone world.

source AFPTV